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At Myworx, we’re passionate about transforming the way you work. We provide more than just an office space; we offer a vibrant community of professionals who share your commitment to productivity and collaboration. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, remote worker, or a business professional in need of a temporary workspace, we have you covered.

Office Space for Daily Basis in Noida

Day Pass

499 per day

Welcome to Myworx, your premier destination for affordable and flexible office space solutions in Noida. We understand that the modern work landscape requires adaptability and cost-effective options. That's why we're delighted to offer you a comfortable and productive coworking space for just Rs.499 per day. Discover how Myworx can elevate your workday.

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Our Convenient Location

Our office space is strategically located in the heart of Noida, making it easily accessible from all corners of the city. We’re at the intersection of convenience, ensuring that your daily commute is both efficient and hassle-free.

Affordable Daily Passes

We understand that flexibility and affordability are key for many professionals. Myworx offers an affordable daily pass for just Rs.399. This pass gives you access to a fully equipped workspace without the commitment of long-term contracts or hidden fees. Pay for the day you need and enjoy a comfortable and productive workspace.

The Myworx Experience

At Myworx, we offer more than just office space; we provide an experience. Our community events and networking opportunities enable you to connect with like-minded professionals, share ideas, and foster collaboration. Be a part of a thriving community that supports your personal and professional growth.

What's Included?

We believe that a conducive work environment with essential amenities is crucial for maximizing your productivity. At Myworx, we provide a comprehensive range of amenities to support your daily work requirements:

High-Speed Internet

Stay connected and productive with our high-speed, reliable internet service. Whether you need to stream, download, or engage in video conferences, you can do so without interruption.


A clean and organized workspace is fundamental for maintaining a productive work environment. Our dedicated housekeeping staff ensures that your workspace is tidy and inviting.


Don't worry about power outages or interruptions. We guarantee an uninterrupted power supply so you can focus on your work without any disruptions.


Need to print, scan, or photocopy documents? Our state-of-the-art equipment is at your disposal, making document management a breeze.

Unlimited Tea & Coffee

Stay refreshed throughout the day with unlimited access to hot beverages. Our well-stocked kitchenette offers a variety of teas and premium coffee.


Don't worry about power outages or interruptions. We guarantee an uninterrupted power supply so you can focus on your work without any disruptions.


Open Dedicated Seats

Myworx coworking space in noida sector 2 is a great place to work. Book your dedicated seats and enjoy a flexible workspace that feels like home.

Floating Desk

Book your Floating Desk workspace for your business acording your budget, all ameneties incluede, like internet, housekeepint, electricity etc.

Private Cabins

Book your Private Cabin workspace for your business, according your budget and team sie, we have avialable private cabin 2/3/4/6/8/10 seater.

Meeting Room

Book your meeting room on hourly/daily/weekly basis ans per your requirement, included amenetis, internet/ LE/Projector/ Whiteboaard etc.

Training Room

Book Training/Conference room for training purposes or board meetings on hourly/daily/weekly basis. all ameneties included, inhouse cafeteria.
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Virtual Office

Get virtual office for Your GST registration, Business registration, Mailing address and all official correspondance use